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Receptionist/ Production: Natalia Some of my favorite brands here are: Papa & Barkley,710 Labs, ABX, Chocolate-Covered Strawberries by Satori, Royal Key, and Sour Space Gems. I also love smoking on Sundae Driver, Purple Punch, MAC 1, and Crippler. Some of my favorite ways to consume Cannabis are : Blunts, joints,dabbing, and I enjoy making cannabis-infused dinners from time to time. I love Baked Hot Cheetos, carne asada burittos/fries, BBQ and mashed potatoes, Sour Belts, Pho/Ramen, charcuterie, ceviche, birria, waffles, and takis. Some of my favorite things to watch are: Broad City, Dexter, Criminal Minds, True Blood, Baby, B.G.C., Joker, Moonlight, Savages, Running Scared, 13 Ghosts, Hereditary, Insidious, and Coco. I also love playing Mortal Combat, Midnight Club, and Black Ops. I like to skate in my spare time, as well as find/listen to new music, read, learning to play piano/drums, cooking, going for a nice walk, having a picnic, and go explore nearby beaches/rivers.