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Marketing: Matty Instagram: @macbleezy dogstagram: @hondoandblitz I’ve lived here in Humboldt County since 1994. I have been using cannabis medicinally and recreationally since 2005. Some of my favorite brands here are: Papa & Barkley, WOX, Kiva Confections, and Space Gem. Some of my favorite ways to consume Cannabis are: Dabs for sure, but I love a classic bonghit with a freshly cleaned Mobius, and who could pass on a joint or blunt or edibles? I dabble in it all. (Haha, get it?) I love some McDonalds or Taco Bell when I’m lit, or some guacamole Takis, ice cream, or mandarin oranges disappear if I’m around. Nothing is safe when I have the munchies. Some of my favorite things to watch are: Rick & Morty, Workaholics, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office, That 70’s Show, MTV’s The Challenge, Forensic Files, Chopped, Futurama, Harry Potter of course, or an intriguing documentary. In my spare time I enjoy going on adventures with my dogs, whether it be a walk on the beach, or a hike in the woods, I also enjoy doing makeup, cooking, practicing art, getting back into the violin, or reading a good book.